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Team Appleby Fitness

Personal Training Where Health  And  Fitness Come Together

You can do it,
We can help!

There are no monthly or yearly contracts. We are a fully functioning energized personal training studio exclusively on a private basis where you receive 100% of our attention.

We are not about how much; we are about how-proper form and technique.

 We are all about lifestyle. We will help you make the necessary lifestyle changes to reach your fitness goals. We will develop a program that fits your needs and current fitness level.

Your health and fitness condition is extremely important to your longevity. It impacts you either positively or negatively  the choice is yours.

Personal Training

Come learn about how you can benefit both mentally and physically and the relationship between exercise, nutrition, and the following diseases:



At Team Appleby Fitness our vision is to enhance the fitness and health of our clients by creating a well balanced lifestyle with the client’s long-term growth in balance, stability, strength, endurance, agility, and flexibility in mind to lead active and productive lives.


At Team Appleby Fitness our mission is dedicated to providing our clients with the direction and knowledge they will need to achieve ultimate and physical state of well-being.

We will show you how exercise can be fun and exhilarating while using the most progressive technologies in fitness training.

We look forward to helping you with your fitness goals.